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15, 1969
Society Member, William V. Brand
Submits Recent Photos of Okinawa

Our Society Member, William V. Brand, has sent the site
some recent photographs of Okinawa. Mr. Brand was in
the US Army assigned to Okinawa 1953-1956, (524Th
MP Co., which later was changed to 98th MP Bn and
later RASP, (Ryukyu Armed Forces Police), as a military
Policeman and later changed to a Supply Sergeant.  He
returned to Okinawa 1958-1960, as a Supply sergeant
assigned to the US Army Stockade, near Camp Kue at
the bottom of Jagaru Hill.  He returned to Okinawa again
in 1966 through 1967 as an S-4 Sergeant, 2nd Log
Command in the Machinato Service Area that included 6
months TDY to 1st Log Command in Saigon, Republic
Viet Nam. After 22 years of military service and stationed
502nd MI Bn in Korea, he retired.  

Mr. Brand returned to Okinawa as a civilian in
December 1969 for 2 years.  For the past 15 - 18 years
Mr. Brand visits Okinawa twice a year (April and
October). He usually travels space available on military
aircraft, but for the last two years he has traveled by
commercial aircraft.

For those of us who lived and worked on Okinawa in the
early days, 50's and 60's, the changes in scenery will be
very dramatic!
Recent Photos of Okinawa
William V. Brand
Please click each photo to enlarge
Ft Buckner
Theater and
Exchange PX
Ft Buckner
Exchange PX
Former Location
of 21st BPO
Kadena Circle
Right Shot
Left Former
Machinato Military
Naha aerial
Near Machinato
SeeTower at
Near Plaza House
On The Road To
On The Way To
Naha 01
On The Way To
Naha 02
On The Way To
Naha 03
On The Way To
Naha 04
Park Near Intl
Cemetery Naha
Tunnel Und Mn
Rd to Ft Buckner
Various 01
Various 02
Various 03
Various 04
Overpass B4
Kadena Circle
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