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    Welcome Members and Friends of the Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society, Ltd.
    The Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society, Ltd. (RPSS) has as its objectives promoting an interest in the philately of the Ryukyu Islands and
    encouraging friendly cooperation among philatelists of all nations. The Society was established in 1969. Over the years RPSS has published a
    journal titled From the Dragon's Den and a number of handbooks and specialized Ryukyu Islands philatelic catalogues. These publications provide a
    wealth of information for the philatelist interested in the Ryukyu Islands.

Member's Ryukyu
Dancer Exhibit
Heavenly Maiden
Ginowan Museum Stained Glass
Ginowan Museum Okinawa
Photographed by Mike Lynch
November 20, 2012

I met Mike Lynch, a photographer
who lives on Okinawa, Japan via
Facebook and visited his gallery of
photographs on his website. I wrote
to Mike and told him about how many
of the Ryukyu stamps depict the
Heavenly Maiden and he posted the
information on his website. Mike
posted on his photo page that our
society had contacted him about this
beautiful image and Mike sent back
this text,
"It got an Editor's PIck in
a photo contest, overnight!"
has given our society permission to
post his photograph on our website
and he will be spreading the word
about our society on his! Thank you,
Visit Mike's site at
Go to Mike's Gallery for more
beautiful photographs of the Ryukyu
Islands and press Editor's Picks to
see this beautiful photograph.

Liz Joyce, RPSS Site Manager
Heavenly Maiden
Scott Catalog #C9-C13
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 An interesting program is planned and there will also be a show and tell.  If any member attending has
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